Hosting overnight guests

Having overnight guests for the holidays??
Here are some handy ideas to set up your guest room and make them feel welcome!
Think of things often found in a hotel room; a place to set their suitcase onto, like a low dresser, bench or even a chair, an empty (or almost empty closet with extra hangers), post the wifi password (and easy access to an outlet for easy charging), leave hot drink options easy to find in the kitchen, spare toiletries (great use for those small hotel bottles we all collect!), extra toilet paper, hair dryer, trashcan, room darkening window options in case your guests like a darker room, extra blankets and pillows, some kind of clock (a quiet one!), tissues, fan, small flashlight, reading material (magazines or books with short stories) and some snacks like cereal bars, fruit or even something sweet and a few bottles of water
Once you have this all assembled, we like the idea of placing the items in a tray, basket, even a bucket in the room, include a “welcome” sign or even a personalized greeting to make them feel welcome! Fresh flowers are always a nice addition to any room!!
Most of all, enjoy your time with your guests!!

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