Spring cleaning!

Now that spring is here it is a great time to tackle some “spring cleaning”
We have some tips and suggestions for certain areas in your home. You may not need to do them all, but you probably should!
Wipe down all cabinets with a soft cloth and plain water, dust tends to collect in small crevices so pay special attention to corners and around handles.
Windows, glass and sills washed inside and out (weather permitting!)
All appliances, use a light spray of a wax-based aerosol spray to freshen up the exterior of stainless steel appliances. Don’t forget to clean the inside of them too, including your dishwasher, washer and dryer
Counter tops, removed everything and wipe them down, including the backsplash. It is a great time to arrange to have your granite re-sealed.
Wood floors, again move all furniture etc and then sweep/vacuum and then wet mop with warm water. Replace felts on the legs of furniture if needed.
Carpets and area rugs, vacuum thoroughly, then either steam or spot clean.
Bedding, great time to wash your pillows/comforters (check manufacturers instructions) or take your duvet in to be dry cleaned.
Wipe down painted walls, especially in high traffic areas and around light switches.
Bookshelves, use a dry cloth and wipe everything down. Freshen paint if needed.
Patio furniture, even if you have stored it out of the elements, spring is a great time to wipe it all down with warm soapy water. Spot clean pads and cushions.
Last but not least, your broom!! It works hard, give it a warm soapy water bath and then rinse thoroughly. Air dry.
Happy cleaning! And Happy Spring!!!

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